Join us thursday, February 22nd, for a free dinner talk!!! Dr. Layman will be presenting on "Stress, hormones, and health" at 6:30pm.

Seating is limited. Please call 860-393-0478 to RSVP



Individualized medicine that is safe, gentle, and effective for all ages. Dr. Layman focuses in homeopathy and has a passion to help you heal, naturally. 



I provide the personal medicine approach to help women nourish themselves and their children, to restore balance and build a strong foundation of health for their families.

As women we tend to put ourselves last, especially moms who see their children struggling with physical illness or social and behavioral problems. I seek to assist these women in helping their child to reach their full potential: when children experience steady health, better grades, improved social relationships, and increased joy, family stress is reduced leading to healthier and happier families.  Then Mom can focus on her own health and wellbeing. When Mom is healthy and happy, everyone in her family benefits from her increased energy, motivation, and resilience.

Today’s women have to do it all: manage careers, care for their families, raise healthy and successful children, and support their communities. Most of all, women need to be well enough to withstand these demands. I aim to educate and empower my patients to elevate their health so they can reach their full potential.